John A. Burpee Court Appointed Receiver


  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Percentage Pricing
  • Hourly Rate Pricing
  • Custom Management Plans
  • Disposition Plans
  • Statewide Coverage
  • Apartments
  • Broken Condo Projects
  • HOA Management
  • Developer Take Overs
  • Construction Rehabs
  • Bonded up to $5 Million
  • Insured
  • State Licensed


Receivership Services
Including but not limited to, Legal appearances, monthly reporting for court records, monthly asset reporting with a narrative and photos of all issues affecting the property, weekly site visit to assure the asset maintenance, security and supervision. The supervision and negotiation of all vendors, managers & contractors required to secure and maintain the asset during receivership.
Fees Requested

Each assignment is evaluated on a per case basis and is dependent upon the overall services required by the court. Our firm remains cognizant of the costs involved and strives to maintain fees at a minimum to help assure the success of the asset through the legal process.

Additional Fees
New Lease generation for commercial office, Retail or Industrial tenants 6% of Gross lease value

Insurance Claim Representation 7% of Gross Claim Settlement

Construction & Renovation: 5% of Gross contract value payable upon draw schedule to contractors

Overnight & Air Travel reimbursement plus out of pocket expenses if required

Property Management

Radiant Asset management is our preferred vendor for all property management requirements. Radiant Asset Management is a full service commercial property management firm that currently manages over 5,000+ Multi Family Assets and over 1+ Million Square feet of office, retails and Industrial assets throughout Florida. Our firm also utilizes the services of HMI Management for Hotel / Motel management for hospitality assets. Visit Website

Property Tax Appeal Services
We offer full in house property tax appeal services statewide for all commercial asset types. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in property tax valuation appeals. Our fee is 20% of the amount saved for all property tax appeal reductions.

John Burpee & Associates is a full-service commercial brokerage firm that specializes 100% in commercial brokerage. Our firm consistently ranks in the top ten commercial brokerage firms in the Tampa Bay and State of Florida markets. John Burpee was personally awarded the #2 Highest Producing Investment Brokers for 2019 by the Florida Gulf Coast Association of Commercial Brokers.

Note Sales
Our firm again leads the way for asset disposition in the form of note and mortgage sales in the state of Florida. Let us market your notes to our private client database with confidence.
Because every asset is different we would like to present your firm with a separate proposal rather than state a flat fee or hourly rate like our competitors. Our pricing structure is completely different than our competitors. We want to know what your goals for the property are first, so that we can work together to achieve the highest return possible for your firm.