John A. Burpee Court Appointed Receiver

Grande Oasis

Grande Oasis Condos – 1000 units in Tampa, FL

In fall of 2008 John Burpee & Associates was contacted regarding the Grand Oasis in Tampa, Florida. Grand Oasis is a 1,000 unit multifamily / condo property located in Tampa. John Burpee performed a valuation on the property at that time and presented a proposal to market the note.


  • John Burpee was contacted regarding Grand Oasis in Tampa. John consulted on current market conditions and completed a valuation on the property.
  • John Burpee was appointed as receiver and implement property management to secure the property.
  • John Burpee continued to review current operating procedures to cut overhead and to implement more cost effective processes on the property.
  • John Burpee completed the sale of the note and mortgage resulting in a $10 million dollar increase in value.
  • JBA managed the asset and then disposed of the property through a brokerage sale.